2018 Ford Mustang on its way to Fort Wayne

Since 1965, America has had a lasting love affair with the Ford Mustang. However, Ford doesn't stop innovating and building better rides. With that in mind, Ford is introducing the 2018 Ford Mustang to the Fort Wayne area, making this the most advanced muscle car yet. The improvements will be quite obvious for shoppers, starting from the engine to the newly updated driver's command center!

The 2018 Mustang includes a more muscular appearance with new front and rear-end design. This coupe features a sleeker and meaner look with refined aerodynamics. The reinvented center console includes a new hand-stitched wrap with contrast stitching. With the new signature Orange Fury paint color, drivers will be making a new bold statement on the road!

Welcome to Your New Cockpit

Take a seat, push the start button, and watch your Mustang come alive. Outstanding performance and acceleration are in the Mustang's DNA. For this 2018 model, Ford created the available MagneRide™ suspension for optimal handling. The classic 5.0L V8 engine has been revamped, providing higher revs and more power than any other Mustang GT before. It also delivers a robust low-end torque, high-rpm power, and improved fuel efficiency. The conclusion? The 2018 Mustang will produce up to 460 horsepower with 420 lb-ft of torque.

Our Ford dealership near Fort Wayne knows shoppers will enjoy being greeted by the 12-inch all-digital LCD screen dashboard. It can be completely customizable. The dashboard can be setup with three different displays: normal, sport, and track mode. Mustang MyMode features an all-new memory function, remembering preferences like drive settings, suspension, and steering preferences.

If you enjoy the classic shifting gears, you'll love the newly upgraded manual transmission that has redesigned twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to increase torque capability. On the other hand, the popular automatic transmission has been redone with a new ten-speed automatic for the EcoBoost and V8 engine. Get ready for quicker shift times, better low-speed tip-in response, and significantly reduced friction losses.

When you're ready to join the Ford family and drive an iconic car, contact us at (855) 430-6924 to find out when the 2018 Ford Mustang is available at our dealership.

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