When you are in the market for a new, or new to you, vehicle, you have many decisions to make. Should you buy new or used? What should you consider in determining the condition of a vehicle? What costs are associated with your purchase? These questions are endless. To make the decision between buying a new or used Ford F-150 a little easier, take into consideration these concepts and visit Statewide Ford-Lincoln in Van Wert, OH to learn more. We're conveniently located just a 20-minute drive outside of Delphos, OH.

MSRP or Total Cost

Newer vehicles tend to have a higher manufacturer-suggested retail price, or MSRP since they are brand new from the manufacturer with few miles and an accompanying warranty. While the essence of a new Ford F-150 is alluring, the value of a new vehicle immediately drops after it is driven off the Van Wert dealership lot, through what's known as "deprecation." While some buyers don't mind this phenomenon, others may choose to go with a slightly aged Ford F-150 to avoid this instant depreciation and even acquire a cheaper pickup only slightly used.

Vehicle Condition

Determining the condition of a used vehicle is much more important than doing so for a new vehicle. Taking into consideration accidents, wear and tear, routine maintenance, and vehicle upkeep will help determine if your intended purchase is worth the cost. If you have any doubts about their quality, take it around Van Wert, OH, for a test drive to try it out for yourself.

Associated Costs

Other costs must be considered in addition to the settled purchase price. Taxes and fees come into play on new and used vehicles as purchases. However, state taxes and auto insurance costs will typically be lower for older vehicles, yet many customers near Fort Wayne, IN, like the potential of financing them into a vehicle loan with a new vehicle. You also may need to consider additional insurance in truck purchases; Ford F-150 pickups that have additional packages or upgrades may cost more to insure.

Buyer's Intent

The overall determination of buying new or used is weighed heavily against the buyer's intent. If you are looking for a started vehicle for a young driver or a farm truck, buying used may be a good idea. However, if you are looking for a vehicle to use in business or is low maintenance, buying new may fit you better. In any case, Statewide Ford-Lincoln can help you select the Ford F-150 that will best match your lifestyle, and we're proudly serving the Lima, OH area. Visit us today!

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