Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology: More with Less

Statewide Ford Lincoln serves our full selection of Ford F-150 and SuperDuty inventory to Lima area drivers. When you drive off our lot in one of Ford's new Ecoboost Engine trucks, you will feel the difference in the truck and in your wallet.

It's a simple fact: Even with advancements in technology, the majority of vehicles worldwide - millions of vehicles - will be gasoline powered. Ford's new EcoBoost gas-turbo direct-injection engines can help provide up to 20 percent better fuel economy without sacrificing power that drivers want.

Gasoline Direct Injection:

Highly pressurized fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder rather than traditional mixing with the incoming air in the inlet port.

Driving a Ford SuperDuty truck with EcoBoost technology is very beneficial for Ford drivers near Lima. The advantages include more precise delivery of fuel for lower emissions, improved volumetric efficiency, and avoidance of knock for better performance and fuel efficiency.

Turbo Power:

Energy from the engine's exhaust that would otherwise be wasted is used to rotate a turbine wheel.

The turbine is coupled to a compressor that pressurizes the incoming air, significantly increasing the output per liter of the engine. The traditional disadvantages of boosting - turbo lag and knock - are mitigated by the synergy with direct injection.

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